"Met me at my level"

 "Alison is the perfect trainer for the 'normal' person. I've used other trainers, but they were all just too much for me. Exercise was their life, but for me exercise is something I know is good for me, but not something I am going to make a career out of. Alison was very understanding, met me at my level and was the perfect amount of firm and encouraging. She not intimidating, is kind, knowledgeable and outstanding at what she does."------T.G. 

"Always so welcoming"

 "Alison is a fabulous personal trainer and boot camp instructor! She changes up each session so it never gets boring. The time flies by because she keeps you going at a quick pace with a variety of exercises. She is always so welcoming and meets you where you are in your health journey." --- G.P. 

"I feel a lot stronger"

 "I've had knee pain for many years, and my slowly weakening leg muscles were starting to let me down - not great considering I like to ski, rock climb, and hike. Alison is a great listener. She took the time to understand my issues and goals, and then developed a plan to get me back up to speed. I've been training with her 30 minutes, twice a week for 5 months now, and have made incredible improvements. Every part of my body feels (a lot) stronger, I'm way more flexible, and I can run up and down stairs just like when I was a teenager. I feel like I'm ready for pretty much anything, and I plan to keep it that way.   If you're out of shape, have pain, can't get motivated... just send her an email. It'll take you 5 minutes, and you'll thank me for it. I'm still thanking my friend who "helped" me stop procrastinating ;)" ----B.B. 

"More than 5 Star service"

 "I been working with Alison for a little while, I would definitely say that she is really not only hard worker but cooperative, caring and friendly. I feel comfortable workout with her. She does awesome job and helped a lot to reach the goal. For me she provides more than 5 star service. Strongly recommended"----S.C. 

"Found safe exercises for me

 "Alison helped me build strength. I had 2 injured knees and she showed many ways to exercise without putting stress on my knees. She was always on time. Alison was great at explaining what to do and how to it correctly. I had to stop for a while, but I plan to call Alison again to start working with her in the future."----J.A.